Calculator in Deals 


  • Already built into Deals in the portal
  • Calculating the margin for each Deal
  • Fast conversion to the needed currency

what is it?

Module for Deals in Bitrix24, which is directly built into the Deal Card. 
With the help of it, you can manage all product costs considering different currencies,
and the calculator will automatically calculate the marginality of the Deal.

How it works?

Directly in the Deals CARD

No need to go to a third-party application - the module works from any Deal on your portal. After installing the module, a separate tab “Calculator” will appear in the Deals card.

Setting the exchange rate

In the module, for each Deal, you can assign your own exchange rate PLN / USD / EUR, according to which you can recalculate the price parameter.


In addition to the main selling price, which is pulled up for each product from its completed card, you can also take into account the following costs:

  • Product purchase price
  • Transportation price
  • Packing price
And in the “Total Costs” column, the sum of all these costs is calculated in the currency you need.

Moreover, for different products these prices can be calculated in different currencies.

You can choose not to fill in the details of expenses, but simply enter the total amount of expenses right away.

Product margin

Based on the previously filled out prices, module calculates the margin, the amount of the margin (if there are several products) and the percentage of the margin.

In the columns Margin and Margin Amount, you can specify the currency. Then, regardless of what currency was used when specifying costs and selling prices, the margin is automatically recalculated at the desired exchange rate.

Total sales and profit

Below the table, you will see the total amount of sale price of all products in Deal, as well as the margin quota - the amount of margin for all products.


Contact us if you want to install this module on your portal or you want to discuss its adaptation to your business.

Aplikacje Bitrix24

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